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***Xtra Ordinary Sports is a show that stemmed from a rather unique encounter with now the star QB for the Carolina Panthers Cam Newton.  Host Alex Monaco at the time was visiting his alma mater Cathedral Catholic High School in Del Mar, CA to watch Cam Newton work out on his pro day hosted by ESPN.

Alex was hoping to get a chance to talk to the QB who at the time was still a month before the NFL draft.  Alex got his shot after the cameras were off him (except for one) and Cam was kicking it on the sideline.

Alex approached Cam about the topic of his article he wrote about how the Denver Broncos should draft Cam and feature him and Tim Tebow in the same shotgun formation.  He said and I quote “Yeah man, I’ll be like Batman he’ll be like Robin”.

Long story short, a random off the cuff question like that to an NFL star sparked an outrageous conversation between Alex and Cam that included ham and cheese croissants, hot wings, and basements.

More importantly after the interview Alex impulsively tossed Cam a ball and went out on an impromptu 25 yard post pattern which he caught in the middle of the football field on the Cathedral Catholic logo the Don.

Alex thought to quickly do a TD dance and decided to go with the infamous “T.O. on the Dallas Star dance”.  Cam thought it was hysterical and a las the dawning of the “Xtra Ordinary Sports” show had arose.

A show where the average fan can talk to an athlete about what he wants, and the athlete can respond how he wants.  But in addition to the “interview” or conversation as we like to call it comes the raw entertainment portion of the show-the “challenge”.

In the show Xtra Ordinary Sports host Alex Monaco goes 1 on 1 against athletes in various activities.  From sumo wrestling in fat suits with Matt Barnes, to dodgeball with swiss balls with Craig Smith, to beach volleyball with a 10 pound medicine ball with Ryan Clark on the Steelers, Alex Monaco competes, and loses in dramatic fashion every single time.

Oh, and every time Alex loses, a “consequence” ensues.  Like Alex getting a tatoo from Barnes, or having to sit in the cold tub courtesy of Ryan Clark.

It’s a show where the athlete can kick back after a long hard day of work and unwind with none other than an ‘Xtra Ordinary’ host like Alex Monaco—-ENJOY and be sure and refer share with your friends!


We support Community service initiatives

Xtra Ordinary Sports is dedicated to serving the communities in which we live in.  Not only do we ourselves make a donation to every athlete that comes on our show, but we help provide a platform for non-profit organizations like Dream Team  Empire, the Austin Pettis foundation, and Sports Spectacular by filming the various events such as camps and charity games that they put on in our communities.
If you know of an athlete that needs exposure for his or her various organization, please visit our contacts page and let us know!  We’d be happy to assist in any way!