Have you HEARD what’s in @theherd ?! We go over Colin Cowherd’s first round NBA playoff predictions (spot on mind you) & revisit why the March Madness 1-16 seeding would be SIGNIFICANTLY more exciting this year & beyond (SWIPE right for more) #TakeoffaTake 🏀🏀🏀🎙 @alexmonaco


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I started Xtra Ordinary Sports because I believe athletes deserve to be represented in the way THEY want to be represented. "Xtra Ordinary Sports" the show, is a relaxed interview setting combined with an interactive challenge with a pro athlete. This seems to be the perfect 1,2 combo to seeing your favorite athletes in "their element". I also believe very strongly in giving back to the community. With every "challenge" I do with pro athletes, I donate to their charity in a unique and creative way. For example, I did SUMO WRESTLING IN FAT SUITS with Matt Barnes on the Clippers and every time he knocked me down I donated to his 'Athletes versus Cancer' foundation.